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Praise for Healthful Direction

“I can’t recommend Alison highly enough!  Whatever is going on for you, don’t hold back.  Bring it to Alison because she has your back and she’s also just a delight to work with…”

christina“Hi, I’m Christina Frei.  I recently worked with Alison Anderson (Alison Held) on some PSYCH-K® work.  There were a couple of different things that I was really struggling with.  One was some health issues that involved transitioning to a new life in Boston and feeling totally overwhelmed.  This resulted in getting sick like the Flu and stuff like that.  More recently, just feeling angst about my future in my business.

What I find really unique about working with Alison is…I’ve done a lot of spiritual work…I love the whole idea of taking responsibility for yourself and how you respond to things and finding the beliefs that might be holding everything in place and keeping you stuck.

Usually it takes a while to find those beliefs and/or things that are keeping you stuck, right?  They are those deep dark demons that you don’t want to face.  What I love so so much about working with Alison is that, using muscle testing, she will identify those beliefs so fast, sometimes in 60 seconds or less.  Then they are the right ones so that’s another amazing part of this work.  It’s so accurate.  It’s a deep yes of getting to the heart of the matter really really quickly.

Then, having a quick and easy way to process whatever is there so that you get through whatever resistance you have to changing.   Again, these are things that can stay stuck within you for years and using PSYCH-K® (and her other offerings) and working with Alison who is really a gifted practitioner,..I found myself processing through stuff that I’ve had for years.  For instance, an egg allergy and having it just disappear in a session or two.  I can’t recommend Alison highly enough!  Whatever is going on for you, don’t hold back.  Bring it to Alison because she has your back and she’s also just a delight to work with.  Thanks, Alison!”

UPDATE: Christina has also cleared other food allergies including gluten, accelerated to greater heights in her business, found more flow in life, and so much more!

Christina Frei, Quiet Leaders Go Big

“Alison Anderson has been an amazing life saver for me! Her genuine willingness as a practitioner to get to the root of the issue is invaluable! With the ego never standing at center stage of the session, she is humble, determined to get to the truth of what needs to be revealed, incredible attributes as a true healer and I appreciate her work immensely!

She helped me navigate some of my most diffficult health issues, love issues, baby issues, etc. hahah! Through allowing me to change my subconscious beliefs about certain things, I was able to walk into a new reality and create the life that I want. Most of the negative issues have vanished and I am definitely flying on a higher plane now!

Thank you so much for your great work. I am a loyal client!”
S. Mun,

hilary“I have lost 30 pounds and found a business that is making more money than I had made over the last ten years…

“I love working with Alison because she listens and identifies the issues in a very quiet, unassuming, and non-threatening manner. She doesn’t judge or criticize but is very accepting and supportive.  Working with Alison is a little gift I have given myself. After just two sessions, I felt like I was freed from the little prisons that I was stuck in.

We uncovered thoughts and feelings that had kept me from moving forward in losing weight and making money.  Since that time, I have lost 30 pounds and found a business that is making more money than I had made over the last 10 years in my other business.

I knew that I was limiting myself by my thoughts but was unable to free myself even though I “knew better.” Though our work together with PSYCH-K®, I have eliminated these limiting thoughts and beliefs, allowing me to have confidence, trust myself and my instincts, and become a happier and more powerful mother and business woman. I am feeling good and trusting my instincts, which is allowing me to not beat myself up for EVERYTHING!

It is a privilege to work with Alison. I recommend her services to anyone who has an issue that they have not been able to make disappear by themselves.  It works for me.”
Hilary Burns, Relationship Coach and Business Executive

Erica Loren testimonia“I approached Alison at Healthful Direction because she has helped countless people achieve results with their health and wellness. Alison helped me by exercising my authentic self, while finding my voice in a difficult time in my life.

The result was incredibly life changing and transformational. One thing I like about working with Alison is her calm and patient manner. She is very attuned to my needs and also very knowledgeable. She really cares!

I found the experience of working with Alison easy, fun, long-lasting, and powerful. I would recommend Alison to people who need help finding their voice and navigating big life changes such as breakups, and wellness.”
– Erica Loren, Coaching2Greatness

jennifer“I worked with Alison Held with a goal to break through old patterns and beliefs surrounding my yo-yo dieting. During this time, Alison not only provided effective nutritional guidance, but more importantly, insights into the “why” behind my inability to maintain my weight. She is warm, caring, and knowledgeable. I especially appreciated her detailed follow up emails, which helped to remind me of our session work and keep me motivated between visits. I give Alison my highest recommendation.”
– Jennifer Covello, The Purposeful Parent

stef“Working with Alison on mind-set change was an incredible experience. She really helped me change my behaviors and form a healthier relationship with food and myself. Thank you so much, Alison, for your guidance!”
Stefanie Tropea, Owner of Punch Gym

terry“Alison helped me overcome a serious problem of anxiety and insomnia following my mother’s death. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is intuitive, kind, professional, and ultimately an extremely effective practitioner.

My problem with insomnia started when I was in grade school but escalated during my mother’s illness and death. Noticing the bad shape I was in, my sister recommended I “get a prescription,” but I wanted to avoid taking medication. By the time I consulted with Alison, I had not had a full night’s sleep in well over a year.  After working with her, I slept through the night. I continue to sleep well eight years later.”
Terry Hernon, Professional writer

kvirdee“Filled with gratitude for the amazing wellness practitioners I’ve met these past few month. Today, Alison from Healthful Direction gave me a taste of the energy work that she offers her clients and I have to admit I’m blown away by the power of these incredible modalities and can’t believe I’m just learning about them now…Thank you Alison!”
Dr. K. Virdee, Naturopathic Doctor

jonny“Alison Held is simply one of the best nutritionists I know of currently in practice in the United States.

She’s incredibly knowledgeable, she keeps up on all the research, and, perhaps most importantly, she’s compassionate, understanding and warm. I recommend her highly!”
Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, author “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”,
“The Great Cholesterol Myth”, and “Smart Fat: Eat More Fat, Lose More Weight, Get Healthy Now”

paige“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Alison while leading GE Capital’s Global Wellness Programs. I hired Alison to work directly with our Connecticut and New York employees as part of our cutting-edge health initiatives. Alison successfully organized and led many wellness seminars and events. She served as guest presenter to our Human Resources executive team at their yearly work retreat and worked directly with our internal Medical Director.

Alison is relatable, knowledgeable, and professional. Employees finally had the chance to be less overwhelmed by diet, nutrition and health information! I highly recommend Alison as an expert vendor, collaborative partner, and genuine wellness advocate.” — Paige Niccoll, Former Global Wellness Leader, General Electric Capital Corporation

jodi“It is so easy to hire a nutritionist and that only focuses on “what to eat” to lose weight. HOWEVER, what makes Alison so unique and effective is her ability to approach weight loss as a journey holistically. Alison uses creative, spiritual and pragmatic ways to deeply understand what makes weight loss challenging and sustainable. Her caring and connection is both profound and supportive. Thank you for all your help, Alison!”
– Jodi Rabinowitz, HR Executive

davie“I have been meaning to email you all week to let you know that I have been feeling great!  I had some sort of shift during the last session and I think it is because of PSYCH-K® process.  I have been feeling positive and making better choices.  Although I am away on vacation, I am allowing myself to do what I want but not getting negative on my choices, which I typically do.

It’s really like a brain shift happened, and I want to make all positive choices! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how I have been feeling. Thanks, Alison! This is really the first time in a long long time that I have felt that I can actually make healthy changes!”
– D.C., YMCA Director

julie“I got my celiac blood work results today and all results were negative and no antibodies were present!!!! I am also now 130.2 pounds!!!!! Thank you for all the help you have given me (and my son)! I am soooo grateful to you for being such a thorough, educated, caring patient and effective nutritionist.

You have really made a difference in my overall health, including how and where I purchase food.  I continue to follow your advice daily and the results are really amazing…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”
– Julie Cromwell, Stay at Home Mom

jen“I can honestly say, that it seems from now on I will look forward to food shopping, instead of the typical dreading of it.  I’ve already gotten so much out of our sessions together and am truly amazed at how knowledgeable and helpful you are.

Thank you for everything Alison.  It’s wonderful how much you really care about your clients, and I appreciate the extra steps you take to help us to be truly healthy and happy.”
– Jen Ambrogio, Social Worker

wanda“I went to Alison for nutritional help and she was excellent! She provided guidance on food selections and overall health tips after a thorough analytical process. Her gentle approach in offering guidance was greatly appreciated. I’d recommend Alison highly for individual and corporate work.”
– Wanda Gulley, Development & Fundraising Professional

allison“Alison Held is a talented health and nutrition coach. I had the pleasure of working with her as a client of Healthful Direction. She really understands the many facets of nutrition, as well as total self-care. I highly recommend Alison to individuals who are looking to experience a unique holistic approach to nutrition and wellness.”
– Allison, HR Director

chris“As an athlete currently ranked as one of the top amateur triathletes in the world, I have had the opportunity to work with many different health professionals. Alison ranks very high on this diverse list in terms of her competency, knowledge, confidence, judgement and professionalism. I worked with Alison on my own nutrition needs, and I was able to optimize my performance and take better care of myself.”
– Christopher Thomas, Ironman Triathlete and Owner of PTP

gilda“I joined the nutritional group program led by Alison and it was transformative for me. Her knowledge was extensive, and she was able to translate complex ideas into actionable ones for us – not always easy to do, and she was excellent at it. I still practice the healthy habits Alison has taught me. Alison’s style is also worth noting, in that she has the ability to engage with various types of people in a professional and approachable way.”
– Gilda Benedetti, Business Executive

erica“Working with Alison on my personal nutrition was a wonderful investment for me.  She gave me the framework I needed to move forward with improving my health and overall well-being.  Three years later, I am still supplementing with the regimen she recommended based on my blood test results and following her suggestions about my diet.  I’ve noticed significant improvements in my mood and energy.  I no longer have huge crashes, and my energy and mood are consistently even.”
– Erica Celini, Crossfit NYC Coach and Competitor

rosa“I went to Alison for help with a personal issue as I suspected it was a nutritional matter since I’d exhausted everything else. She took blood work on me and ended up suggesting a few supplements, one that no one had ever suggested but made perfect sense. She didn’t “sell” me on buying from her, but I wanted to! Because I trust her. I’m still taking the vitamins and I do feel good!

I went to Alison over other nutritionists and health coaches because I’ve always liked her confident and solid way about her. She knows her stuff and doesn’t come off flashy. She’s got an advanced degree in nutrition, and I like the integrity I see in her. She’s constantly learning about new things in her field, and is in high demand for workshops and talks at corporate places. She also partners with respected companies.”

Rosa Conti, Shadow Work Coach and Corporate Program Manager

katy“A good friend of mine completed the detoxification program under the guidance of Alison Held and recommended the program to me and my husband.  We have never done anything like this but decided to go for it!

We successfully completed the program and are astonished at the results.  We each lost about 6% of our body weight, and more importantly we feel great.  Although we are located on opposite coasts, the service provided by Alison seemed “local.”  She is very responsive and complete in her correspondence and communications – she is a terrific coach, and we give her the highest recommendation possible!  We will be doing this again, and have recommended Alison’s detoxification program to all of our health conscious friends across the country with complete confidence!”
– Katy Fraser, Financial Services Consultant

christina“Earlier this year, I wanted to boost my immune system by doing a cleanse.  I’ve done a few cleanses before, and I’m usually very hungry and cranky all throughout.  But, Alison introduced me to a very gentle 3-week program that still covered all the bases.  She was very interested in the results, good and bad, and she checked in on my progress.  Clearly, Alison wanted to make sure her program was of the highest quality.  And, it was.  I’m a sensitive gal, and I felt the benefits of this program on many levels.  For example, I stopped craving sugar.

Meeting with Alison was a pleasure, as always.  Alison has a wonderfully calm way about her, and you know she deeply cares about your health.  She’s not just jumping on the latest nutritional trend.  She also walks her talk.  Alison gets my recommendation.  If you’re looking for a nutritionist you can trust, look no further.”
Christina Frei, Quiet Leaders Go Big

nancy“The cleanse went well!  I stuck to it 100% and never felt deprived.  The program helped me break some bad habits, and I really felt great.  My energy level was excellent and remains better than before the cleanse.  I no longer feel the roller coaster highs and lows from my caffeine and sugar intake.  Between doing this and the gym, I feel much stronger, energetic, and many of my aches and pains are disappearing.  It’s a great way to make a clean slate – old habits die hard, and this was a great way to kill them!”
Nancy Geaney, Owner of Dark Horse Farm Designs

christinab“Alison is a very thorough professional who provides a lot of resources to help you succeed in becoming healthier. It’s evident that her knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle runs deep. I had great success with her nutritional detox program. If you’re looking to make changes in your diet and create more healthy habits, I highly recommend that you reach out to Alison.”
Christina Brandt, Master Certified Life & Career Coach

andrea“Thanks, Alison! We’re very impressed with the quality of the information and materials that you have provided, and with your overall professionalism. We enjoyed the detox and felt an improved sense of overall wellness including better digestion, fewer cravings and better sleep.”
– Andrea Nunes, Business Executive

leigh“Thank you so much for letting me be part of the 14-Day Detox and Cleanse.  The 14-day program was a simple lifestyle change that I would like to continue.  I think I’m addicted to the great feeling I had during the program and the month after.  Although losing weight was secondary, I did lose and am keeping off 12 pounds!”
Leigh Overland, Architect

“I dropped quite a few pounds for my body size, saw my sleep improve drastically, improved my education levels around food and am now back to working out and/or playing sports five times a week. This detox program was one of the greatest health experiences I have had in my life. The program exceeded all of my expectations and I know for sure that I would repeat it in the future. If you are considering a detox, I would highly recommend it and you can trust that Alison will provide you with a fantastic program, support and her knowledge.”
– Patrick, Sales Executive

“As a fitness professional, I am very particular about any Nutritionist that I refer my clients to. Alison worked closely with a gym I was affiliated with and came highly recommended. After receiving great feedback from my clients and seeing such positive results, I decided to work with Alison myself. I even referred her to family members. She knows how to cater to each person’s needs, preferences, and goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of diet and nutrition! It also helps that she is a really nice and caring person!!”
– Alicia Calaway, Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional

craig“Alison has provided nutrition counseling to me, my staff and many patients at Moore. She is able to engage people easily, and she begins to build trust immediately. Her approach focuses on understanding the individual and creating an approach which will help the client create success. She is supportive and patient, yet masterful at creating accountability.

My patients place a high value on her involvement in their care and give glowing reviews of her professionalism and knowledge.” – Craig Wood
, President – Moore Physical Therapy

“Alison has a deep passion for helping people achieve their goals. She brought that passion to Save the Children, particularly to our Literacy, Nutrition and Physical Activity initiatives. She worked tirelessly with other program co-workers to develop initiatives, conduct research, and help create overall program success.” – Jennifer Bouchard Bradbury – Former Save the Children employee

kristentol“I have never met anyone more knowledgeable and well versed in nutrition and health than Alison. So informative, and fact filled. Highlight of my week!” – Kristin Tol, Event Planner and Participant in 8-Week Community Group Wellness Program

brett“Alison did a fabulous job as guest-lecturer for my Mind-Body Medicine class at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. For two consecutive years, she helped the students learn how to easily and successfully implement energy psychology tools into their work for superior results with patients.

Alison combines her wellness expertise with outstanding presentation skills. I confidently recommend her for any corporate or community health-based initiatives.” – Brett Lieberman, Naturopathic Doctor
Former adjunct professor at The University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine

jane“Using energy psychology work, Alison helped me through some complex issues I was having. She is a great resource for health and wellness information. Alison is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does!” – Jane Thielen

“After taking the 6-weeks to optimal health program, my nutition has improved significantly. I’m mindful of what I eat and how much I eat. Great ideas were given!”
– Group Participant

“I approached Alison to help me with a few areas in my business life. I needed more clients for my personal practice and I needed to fill a workshop. I wanted to work with Alison because I knew she was using a highly effective mindset change method called PSYCH-K.

The work I did with Alison was tremendously satisfying and successful. The workshop was filled and I have increased the number of clients I am attracting. It was a pleasure to work with Alison. She is very kind, thoughtful and focused with her clients. Alison is a delight to work with and I highly recommend working with her!”
– Jennifer, Client