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Stop Shaming, Blaming, Hating, and Judging Your Body. 5 Ways to Start Loving Your Body Today.

October 29, 2016

positivityWomen, men and children everywhere need to start loving more and hating less.  It’s not an easy task.  In fact, it takes work to love.  I ask you, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being complete love and 1 being complete disgust), how much do you love your body?

It’s been said that approximately 91% of woman dislike some part of their body.  These same women often decide to forgo roller coaster dieting measures in hopes to stop hating and start loving.  In some cases this works or, at least temporarily.  In most, it continues to create the viscous thought patterns like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I have to be skinny to be loved,” or “I am unhappy in my skin.”  These thought patterns are more than just thoughts –  they actually can creep into your life and start to rule your quality of life.  Want to change this?  Let’s!

For over a decade, I’ve been working with clients of all ages on weight loss and body image issues.  I’ve always seen the mind/body connection especially when clients arrive at my doorstop looking for a rigid diet, a magic pill or strict weigh ins and accountability.  Once we get talking, it’s apparent to me and them that there’s more to it that meets the eye.

In fact, there’s often self-sabotaging thoughts and actions that are keeping them stuck.  We work closely to bring forth their inner light and transform the inner dialogue.  It’s MORE than just conscious conversation…we are actually working at the subconscious mind level where change sticks.

In order to truly have a positive image of your body and self….and have permanent results with your body, you must go beyond the food and into the mindset.  You must go beyond the food logs and scale, to a place that incorporate mind, body and soul healing.  THIS is what I have learned over the years.  THIS is golden for sustainable changes and long-lasting happiness.

Here are 5 tips that you can take today to start loving your body more!

  • Step One:  A passion for healthy body image runs deep at Healthful Direction and that’s why I’m so excited to bring the screening of the documentary movie, Embrace to my local community of Fairfield County, CT.  On November 15th, 2016 I will be hosting the screening of Embrace in Norwalk, CT at Bow Tie Royal 6.This movie is about one woman’s journey to inspire everyBODY.  It’s important for ALL to see and will help get the conversations going locally and your mind spinning with love.
    We need 24 more tickets reserved by 11/2/2016 to secure the screening and with your help, I know we can do it.
      You can reserve your seat by clicking HERE.  When the screening is secured, more tickets can be purchased.  Let’s pack the house!So one thing you can do today is to sign up and reserve your seat for you and your friends, family, and coworkers.
    Here’s the movie trailer:

Reserve your ticket HERE and if you don’t live locally, you can see if there’s someone else hosting the screening elsewhere (or host your own!)!

  • Step Two:  Listen.  Listen to how you talk to yourself.  Listen to what thoughts run through your head when you’re thinking about yourself.  Do you hear yourself saying things like, “I can’t stand how I look,” or “My clothes are so tight,” or “Nothing fits,” or, “I will only be happy when I lose weight.”Once you develop more conscious awareness around your limiting beliefs, you can start changing.  If you want to take this one step further, you can start saying “delete” whenever you hear a negative thought or word about yourself cross your lips or brain.
  • Step Three:  I developed something called the “Limiting Belief Excavator” which will help you further explore areas where you might be impacting your own well-being.  You can pick this up by visiting my homepage and scrolling down to my freebie offer.I’ve had several people download this worksheet and find themselves with new insights in a matter of minutes.  Do yourself a favor and download my helpful “Limiting Belief Excavator” HERE.
  • Step Four:  Close your eyes and tune into any light that you see within yourself.  Spend at least 5 minutes focused on this light and allow it to expand into other areas of your body.  In these five minutes tune into it and allow it to become brighter and more widespread.  If you’re mind wanders, that’s ok….just recenter yourself and draw your attention back to the light.  This light is a reminder to you that LOVE exists in all of us.  We just need do a little work to bring it forth.  If you have trouble finding your light, no worries!  Instead, close your eyes and draw attention to one area of your body that you like.  It could be your eyes, or your fingernails, or you kneecaps, or your belly button….just find one area that you love, like or tolerate and start there.  In your meditative time, remind yourself of all the reasons that you like this area and be grateful for all that your body is and is doing for you.
  • Step Five:  Grab a big glass of water.  Yes, that’s right.  Grab a big glass of water and spend the next 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or one hour drinking it.  Water is life.  Bring some life into your body and allow every cell in your body to soak in the beauty of this water.  As you do so, pretend that this water is love or…maybe it is love?!  Dr. Emoto did amazing studies of water crystals and found that when we infuse water with healthy, happy, and loving thoughts the water crystals look entirely different than the water that we send negative, hateful thoughts to.  Being that your body is made of over 60% water, it’s about time you start sending more loving thoughts to the water within you (and the water you drink can help too!). You can view some of the images here:


Let me know how these steps go for you and if I can be of further service to the evolution of you loving your body, please schedule a free 20 minute complimentary consult by clicking here.

In Health and Happiness,


2 Responses to “Stop Shaming, Blaming, Hating, and Judging Your Body. 5 Ways to Start Loving Your Body Today.”

  1. Great tips, Alison! I relate to your growth over time as a practitioner, beginning with the focus of helping clients with the physical aspects, and realizing how much the mind and spirit play a significant role. A sign of a great practitioner is one, like you, who continuously expands your knowledge and tools to offer your clients. They are lucky to have you! See you at the screening.

  2. alison says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Mary! I appreciate your support and am always here to support you and your efforts too! See you at the movie!

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