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True Nourishment Comes from a Mind, Body & Spirit Approach to Heal from Within….

One-Size-Fits-All Plans Do Not Work!

Your sessions with me are unique and meaningful. The work we do together is a true collaboration – I am your guide and you are an active participant in the healing journey (fact: I am not a healer. YOU are your own healer)!

The Band-Aid approach to health and life challenges doesn’t last. It’s time for us to get to the root cause! This may sound a bit scary or overwhelming, but I can promise you it is doable, fulfilling, and life-changing. If you’re committed to your own healing journey, come join me on this fun and rewarding ride!

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This is How We Do It

These processes will help you reach your goals:

  • psych-kAction-based coaching methods.
  • Advanced health-transforming coaching facilitation for high-speed, lasting mindset change to help you banish the beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from success.
  • When applicable, Hands-on food & supplement education (this however just takes up little space in our work together).

Does This Sound Like YOU?

I find most people I work with have a good general knowledge around what they should be eating and how they should be thinking to help their health condition. But, they aren’t doing it! Or if they are (or close to it), they aren’t getting results they desire. Some dietary tweaking and nutritional myth busting can help and I am here to help guide you with that if needed.  But more importantly, working at a mind-body-soul level of healing will help you to make healing changes quicker and sustain your results.

  • Do you find yourself obsessing or worrying about food or your health condition?
  • Self-sabotaging your health efforts?
  • Focusing on what you don’t want vs. what you do want. In other words, hearing any negativity with your words or thought patterns.
  • Experiencing symptoms like weight gain, anxiety, low self-esteem, or an unhealthy relationship with food (including any allergy symptoms or food ‘addictions’)? Maybe you are feeling a lack of desire or time for nourishment?  Or perhaps you have a health symptom that continues to persist.
  • You know deep inside that what you’re going through goes beyond food and supplements for healing. There’s definitely a BIG mental component!
  • If the answer is YES! to one or more of these questions, then we’re a great fit for working together!

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Action-Based Coaching

This type of coaching propels you forward gently but effectively. Consider me your accountability partner. You will come away from each and every session with simple steps that ensure you develop healthier habits and drive you toward your goals.

Muscle Testing

Kinesiology or ‘muscle testing’ is used successfully by many practitioners around the world. Traditionally, it’s used as a non-invasive, therapeutic biofeedback method used to detect and treat the body’s energy flows. It’s been around since the 1960’s when Charles Goodheart (his name says it all!) observed that weakening of energy flow, whether caused by illness, mental stress or toxins, impaired the ability of certain muscles to respond.

We use muscle testing when we are looking to remedy limited mindset and beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, allergies, and more. Once we address the root cause of the problem, muscle strength is restored. One of the distinct advantages of muscle testing is that it can be done even at great distances.

High-Speed Mindset Change

HCP_Logo_New_PsychKI call PSYCH-K® “high speed mindset change” because that’s truly what it is. PSYCH-K® goes beyond affirmations, positive thinking, visualization and willpower. In my 10 years of working with clients on behavior changes, this is by the far the best and quickest way I have seen to get results. Within minutes, we can replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones. I am an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator with specialization in Health and Wellness.

I use PSYCH-K® as the foundation of our work together but when needed, we’ll incorporate other tools. The practices that we may use during your sessions include:

    • PSYCH-K®  (this incorporates elements of Brain Gym, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Vizualization, Chakra Balancing, Law of Attraction, and more!)
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (aka EFT or Tapping)
    • Total Body Modification (TBM)
    • Healing from The Body Level Up (HBLU)
    • The Emotion Code™
    • Meditation (I’m a trained ‘Spirit Junkie’ through Gabby Bernstein)

The foods you eat, your career, health, relationships, self-esteem, athletic performance, daily dialogue, and how you spend and save your money are often determined by your inner subconscious beliefs (beliefs you may not even know you harbor).

Most of us struggle with creating optimal health and life changes because we are working at the conscious level. Research suggests the subconscious part of the mind is controlling the show 95-98% of the time! If you don’t change things at the subconscious level, you will struggle to make permanent changes in your behavior.

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PSYCH-K® is recommended by world-renowned cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book, The Biology of Belief, and is scientifically validated by Dr Jeff Fannin’s research on Brain Mapping. I have seen the incredible results of PSYCH-K® in my personal and professional life, and so have my clients!

Hands-On Nutrition

Dietary tweaking, nutritional myth busting, and strategy may also be needed for your success.  However it is not the main focus of our sessions.  Working as a nutritionist for over a decade I have come to understand that long-term healing involves more than just food and supplements.

My approach is nutrition that balances your hormones.  So forget the rigid diets, cookie cutter approach, emphasis on the scale, etc.  We’ll honor what you know works best for you. Through mind-body techniques, you will learn to be more intuitive when it comes to your eating habits and food choices (if you’re seeing me for food related healing / goals).

You will see yourself change self-sabotaging behaviors into self-empowering ones.


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I believe in you 100%. With me at your side, you can achieve the success that has eluded you for too long. Contact me to schedule your 20 minute no-charge inquiry and clarity session. I look forward to meeting you!

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