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Change Your Mind to Change How You Feel About Your Body, Food & Health

If you’re struggling with a health issue, are out of shape, or don’t like the reading on the scale, it’s not because you’re lazy or lack willpower. As early as infancy, we start to develop beliefs about our health that affect our entire lives. That is, unless we trade the beliefs that harm us for beliefs that facilitate growth, self-confidence, and success. Once a belief changes, behavior changes. And once behaviors change, life changes. A client’s ideal body (from a body, mind, spiritual perspective) becomes attainable and sustainable. Health issues can resolve and so can relationships, finances, and more!

Until recently, it’s been almost impossible to transform limiting beliefs because they lurk at the subconscious level. In recent years, however, science has discovered effective methods for uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs. I use these methods to help my clients achieve their goals once and for all.

If you want to feel good about your body, are done messing around with diets, want to be your healthiest and most vibrant self, you’ve come to the right place! My specialty is helping you learn to eat and live without fear and change your self-sabotaging behaviors for good.


You’re my kind of client if you’re ready to:

  • Rewire your brain to make healthy food choices effortless and intuitive.
  • Find peace and freedom with your food, body and emotions.
  • Incorporate out-of-the box simple nutrition and health ideas into your life.
  • Receive clear guidance that cuts through nutrition myths, hype and fads.
  • Learn in-the-moment eating methods, so you never agonize about what to eat or fret about making a bad choice.
  • Balance your hormones and improve your metabolism through your diet, exercise and mindset.
  • Put an end to any emotional eating, overeating, binges and restrictions.
  • Identify and dissolve the blocks that are preventing you from eating right, losing weight and loving your body.
  • Discover your own unique way of eating that will benefit your lifestyle, desires, relationships, and health.
  • Conquer your cravings and work to eliminate food or environmental allergies / intolerances that prevent you from experiencing freedom with your diet and life.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute inquiry and clarity session to answer any of your questions. Let’s see if we are a good fit.

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Working Together

Body confidence and inner healing can take time and dedication. I enjoy sharing this path with my clients. I offer tremendous love, accountability and education. I have years of experience in health coaching and healing and a results-based tool box. If you’ve tried to get healthy in the past, I can promise you that this program is different and better than most.

It is my dearest wish that all women around the world learn to love and appreciate their bodies. Using cutting-edge mindset mastery and coaching techniques, I help one client at a time create lasting changes from the inside out. Transformation takes place at a deeper level than just willpower, affirmations, diet and exercise, and my clients are regularly having “ah-ha” moments and victories. With the right mindset, you can transform!

Body Confidence & Health Coaching Program

This program includes:

  • One initial session to discuss health/lifestyle history and goals and lay the foundation for moving forward. In this session we will also begin to identify, test, and transform your limiting beliefs around your health and life.
  • On-going and regular 60-minute intensive coaching sessions.
  • One 90-minute Optimal Health Balance session.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions.
  • Detailed follow-up action-based emails after every session.
  • Action-based coaching to help propel you toward your goals.
  • Fast-track mind-set mastery to help banish self-sabotaging behavior, reduce stress, eliminate negative core beliefs, and more.
  • Out-of-the box tips and techniques for results.
  • When applicable and desired, personalized supplement recommendations to support your body.
  • Sessions are done by Skype, phone or in person.
  • Payment plans are available.

Due to the specialization and personalization of this program, I only work with a set number of coaching clients per year. Contact me today to learn more!

After you complete your program, you can come back for a mini series of tune-up sessions if needed. While the balances we do are permanent, you are constantly evolving.

Not ready to commit to a full program? Contact me about my smaller 3-session package, which includes 3.5 hours of one-on-one time with me to set you off on a more healthful direction. Often those who start with a 3-session package move into a 3-month package later.

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