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Are You Getting the Nutrition You Need? Let’s Find Out!


If you wish to purchase supplements through me, you can!

Current or past customers will find all or most of your supplements on Emerson Ecologic. Contact me for the code you will need to process your order. You will receive a discount on all supplements.

If you aren’t a client, you can contact me to learn more about your supplementation needs.

Additional brands not offered on Emerson that I can order for you are: Xymogen, Standard Process, Thorne Research, and Restoration Formulations.




Praise from past clients:



erica“Working with Alison on my personal nutrition was a wonderful investment for me.  She gave me the framework I needed to move forward with improving my health and overall well-being.  Three years later, I am still supplementing with the regimen she recommended based on my blood test results and following her suggestions about my diet.  I’ve noticed significant improvements in my mood and energy.  I no longer have huge crashes, and my energy and mood are consistently even.”
– Erica Celini, Crossfit NYC, Coach and Competitor

rosa“I went to Alison for help with a personal issue as I suspected it was a nutritional matter since I’d exhausted everything else. After completing my blood work. Alison ended up suggesting a few supplements, one that no one had ever suggested but made perfect sense. She didn’t “sell” me on buying from her, but I wanted to! Because I trust her. I’m still taking the vitamins and I do feel good!

I chose Alison over other nutritionists and health coaches because I’ve always liked the confident and solid way about her. She knows her stuff and doesn’t come off flashy. She’s got an advanced degree in nutrition, and I like the integrity I see in her. She’s constantly learning about new things in her field, and is in high demand for workshops and talks at corporate places. Alison also partners with respected companies.”
Rosa Conti, Shadow Work Coach and Business Executive

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